Dialogue with: Manuel R. Mota


Last year, 2012 Advanced Thesis film “Authentic” was played at Denver Film Festival. I caught up with writer/director Manuel R. Mota to ask about the experience and catch up.


How are you?
Good, how are you?

Good thank you! How’re things?

How was Denver?
It was very good.

How was the weather?
It was actually a bit cold. But it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.

What was your favourite experience from Denver?
Getting to know very interesting people. Lots of filmmakers; I had the chance to see the films with the filmmakers next to me. Then ask them questions and sharing experiences like this.

What was the worst experience?
Days passed too fast over there, even though it was a whole week. The fun and experience was so great I didn’t want it to end


On a more personal note, what would you put in room 101?
That’s tricky. I don’t know… I wouldn’t mind putting a relationship that I had in there. I’d never think about it again.

Who would win a fight between a Lion and a Tiger and why??
The Lion.

Because he’s the king. The king of the jungle.

But Lions don’t live in the jungle. Tigers do.
I know. I think the Lion has more confidence. Also, media focuses more on Lions than Tigers – I’m a product of media…

What’s your favourite experience from Sydney Film School – and you are allowed to say ‘meeting me’.
That’s in another category. That’s a life experience, not just Sydney Film School.

Well dodged…
From Sydney Film School, I don’t know, I guess just making films. When I see the students now I feel jealous of what they’re doing. Like when they go on outdoor shoots. I miss that, you know?

You’re staying in Australia yes?
At the moment, yes.

What are your plans for the future.
Since 2009, my life has been based on applying… Applying for scholarships, applying for funding, applying, applying… So I have one scholarship in mind to apply for, and I have a few projects that I’m developing for funding.

Well I really hope you stay. Do you think it helps that you’ve been to Denver?
Of course it helps me. Being a finalist for shorts might open lots of doors for me. I think I need to do stuff right away when everything is fresh in people’s memory.

Great! Thanks for doing this interview Manuel, is there anything else you’d like to say?
Just: Tom is the best.

I wouldn’t disagree with you …
I would also add that ‘Gravity’ was a hell of a film.

Apart from ignoring the laws of physics to suit the story…
It’s fiction.

It definitely is.
Well Superman flies, so why not?

You’ve got me there. Thanks Manuel!


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