The Overnighters

Ben’s pick of Sydney film Festival Day 3!

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So my pick of the third day of the festival* is yet another documentary, this time Jesse Moss’ staggering “The Overnighters”. The film is an unflinching look into the way a small community in North Dakota reacts to the influx of immigrants, known as the Overnighters, mainly Americans from other states (but also men from further abroad), pursuing the possibility of work in the so-called economic boom of the Dakota oil fields.

“The Overnighters” is a timely tale, and one that touches on all the same sensitive issues – of the fears of a community being overrun by foreigners – that is currently percolating around the refugee issue in Australia.

Jesse Moss presents us with a compassionate view of the situation, and gives considerate voices to both sides of the vexed issue. On the one hand residents express their sadness that the community they have grown up in is being changed forever, for the worse…

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