Love Eternal

Ben’s update from Sydney Film Festival Day 4

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Today I watched two Australian feature films, the plot of both of which hinged on revealing what was in the boot of a car (David Michod’s “The Rover” and Christopher Houghton’s “Touch”). But I shall leave these for another time…

Instead I wish to discuss Brendan Muldowney’s disturbingly uncomfortable “Love Eternal”, adapted from the novel “In Love With the Dead” by Japanese author Kei Oishi.

This Irish-Dutch-Luxembourg-Japanese co-production destabilises you right from the start. We don’t quite know what country we are in – it is never specified – and the actors’ accents, speaking in English, tilt between Dutch and Irish, further destabilising us. Turns out, too, according to the production credits, that some of the locations belong to County Cork in Ireland and others to Luxembourg.

Irish director Muldowney, in this his second feature film, is not interested in placing us in a specific place on the planet. He is more…

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