Miss Violence

Ben Ferris’ favourite film of Sydney Film Festival thus far!

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And the Greek Weird Wave does it yet again! After “Dogtooth”, “Attenberg”, and the exceptional “Alps”, here is another gem of a film from Greece. My favourite film of the Sydney Film Festival thus far.

Confronting, yes. Audacious, yes. Frighteningly intelligent, also, yes.

Right from the start director Alexandros Avranas shocks us with the audacity of form and content. Content, because the young Angeliki, while celebrating her 11th birthday with her family, suddenly jumps off the balcony to her death. Form, because just before she does so, she looks directly into the camera and smiles. The camera then tilts down to follow the path of her trajectory, to discover from our bird’s-eye view her lying several floors below, splattered on the ground, blood spilling from her head. Moments later, her family can be seen gathering around her, party hats still on their heads. This film will not be for the faint-hearted.



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