Hannah Balke talks about her short film Ruckus screening at Sydney Underground Film Festival

Alumni  representing Sydney Film School at Sydney Underground Film Festival

At Sydney Film School, we are extremely proud not only to be a major partner of this year’s Sydney Underground Film Festival, but to also have two alumni have their short films featured in the program. Hannah Balke’s Ruckus and Nick Martinelli’s The Everybody’s Guide To Film Making have both been selected as part of the OZPLOIT! shorts session, which will take place on Saturday September 19.

Ruckus was the winner of Most Provocative Film at the most recent Sydney Film School Festival in July and was praised for it’s courage and ability to shock. Hannah Balke is currently working as Production Designer on the first Bangladeshi feature film to be filmed in Australia and is also working towards directing her next project with the help of other Sydney Film School alumni, which will be a surreal drama.
We thank Hannah Balke for taking the time to speak to us about the upcoming Sydney Underground Film Festival and her film Ruckus.

Interview and article by Nicole Newton-Plater

Hannah Balke

Firstly, how does it feel being part of the shorts line up for Sydney Underground Film Festival?

Hannah: I’m a bit nervous, but good. I’m proud of the team I had and it’s encouraging to see that a student film can have a life after post production.

Hannah, your film Ruckus won the award at the Sydney Film School Festival for Most Provocative Film. Do you think people will be shocked at Sydney Underground Film Festival when they see your film or do you think it will fit right in in the program?

Hannah: I think the point of Sydney Underground Film Festival is to not fit in, so I guess in that sense it’s in the right place. After working on the film so much it’s hard to say whether or not it will shock people because I’m a bit desensitized at this point, but I’m definitely not letting my mother see it.

Where did the inspiration for your short film come from?

Hannah:  My thesis teacher told me I could do anything I wanted… enter the supernatural lesbian murder monster. I had recently watched a surreal horror called Pop Skull too and that also inspired me a lot.

What are you most looking forward to when your film premieres at the festival?

Hannah: Popcorn and free beer.  I told my crew when we were shooting that my goal was to get it in to Sydney Underground Film Festival, but I didn’t really think it would happen. The festival has a great atmosphere and I’m looking forward to seeing Ruckus up with other films.

How did what you learnt at Sydney Film School help you in the production of your film?

Hannah: Probably everything. I didn’t know anything about making films before I started my diploma. I’d never touched a film camera in my life and I’d never edited anything before. I wasn’t even sure they would play my film at the school festival to be honest but the teachers were really supportive so it was a great experience.

Sydney Underground Film Festival will take place at The Factory Theatre Marrickville from September 17-20 2015. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit http://www.suff.com.au

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